This 6-week intensive mastermind has been designed exclusively for Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism coaches who are looking to grow their business and coaching practice.

While coaching strategy and the themes of pregnancy & postpartum athleticism will be discussed, the focus is more on business strategy and growth.


Mastermind Details:

September 9th - October 18th 2019 (6 Weeks)


  • A weekly 1-hour group coaching call with your “pod” of coaches
  • 3 individual 30-minute coaching calls during the length of the program
  • Access to a private Facebook group to ask your questions and brainstorm with your peers.
  • ‘Homework’ assignments to hold you accountable to doing the work


An optional (but thoroughly recommended!) 1 day intensive in sunny Las Vegas, NV on Saturday 19th October 2019.*

Mastermind Breakdown

The group calls will follow the weekly structure listed below. On the calls we will dive into these topics and share what you need to know. Worksheets (homework!) will be provided to help you take the knowledge and apply it to your unique coaching practice.

Individual calls are an opportunity for you to hone in on your unique strategic needs.

Week 1: Self Analysis & Assessing Your Current Position

Key Takeaway: Have a benchmark & information on current strengths, weaknesses & opportunities (i.e. the foundation for future goal setting).

Week 2: Business Vision & Goal Setting

Key Takeaway: The key to creating focus is to have a vision. During this week, we'll figure out what's possible and define what success looks like for each individual.

Week 3: Building Your Offers/Services

Key Takeaway: Have an outline of your offers/services (in person and/or online) & a clear idea of who those cater to.

Week 4: Marketing & Visibility

Key Takeaway: Understand how to leverage your visibility and grow your business. Have a mapped out funnel/sales cycle to generate leads and new customers for your business.

Week 5: Team, Tools & Tech

Key Takeaway: You need tools to build your business. Figure out what's missing and get the support to fill in the gaps in your team, tech & tools!

Week 6: Business Best Practices (The Shit You Should Know)

Key Takeaway: "Why did nobody tell me!" - let's avoid that and fill in the gaps so you are not only covering the bases and protecting your business, but building something sustainable.

Las Vegas Intensive: Creating your Q4 action plan. 2020 strategic planning. Coaching best practices.

Key Takeaway: Take the long to-do's from the 6 weeks of idea sharing and plotting, and turn it into a strategic plan (less overwhelm, and more focus!)

Mastermind Restrictions:

To be eligible for this group, you MUST have completed Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism 2.0 no later than Sep 4th. This mastermind is most beneficial for the coach who is looking to grow their business (versus the complete beginner). (If you have not yet completed 2.0, you can still sign up, but must intend on completing the course material before the mastermind commences)

To ensure the best possible experience, and a good group fit, the mastermind requires you to complete an application. Completing an application does not guarantee a spot in the mastermind.

The Team

During the mastermind, you'll also be hearing from members of Brianna's business team, so they can share their wisdom in their areas of expertise.

Lucy Cantley

Lucy is Bri's strategist & project manager. She takes big ideas and turns them into digestible projects, and provides implementation support. She has a Masters in Business Administration and experience working with entrepreneurs across various industries of all sizes. She'll be providing strategy tips and coordinating the planning workshops in Las Vegas. Learn more about Lucy here.


Shamira Azlan

Shamira is Bri's virtual assistant and has been working behind the scenes in Bri's business for the past couple of years. She is experienced in social media strategy, email marketing and graphic design. She can provide a lot of technical tips to keep your business running smoothly and can help you figure out the best marketing strategy for your business. Learn more about Shamira here.


$2,500 for the Mastermind

$500 for the Las Vegas Intensive (optional, but recommended).

Payments are broken into 3 equal installments.

- First installment is due 30th June.

- Second installment is due 31st July.

- Third installment is due 31st August.

Failure to make timely payments may lead to you forfeiting your mastermind spot.

Interested in this mastermind?

We are currently accepting waitlist applications. If a spot becomes available, first priority will be given to those who have completed an application

Step 1. Provide your name and email in the form below.

Step 2. Check your email. You will receive a link to a mastermind application.

Step 3. Complete the application ASAP. [Don't forget to indicate whether you would like to also attend the Las Vegas intensive!]

Step 4: You will be added to the Mastermind waitlist and contacted if a spot becomes available.

Questions about whether this is the right fit for you? Ask your questions in the P&PA coach Facebook group and Brianna & team will answer away!

*Las Vegas Intensive Details:

On Saturday 19th October, the mastermind will gather in sunny Las Vegas for an intensive 1-day training to conclude the mastermind experience. Meet your fellow coaches (and Brianna) in person, dedicate time to developing your business skills and lock in your ongoing business strategy.

We recommend traveling to Las Vegas on Friday 18th October to attend a group dinner that evening. Likewise, Saturday will be a jam-packed day and you will likely have a better experience by planning on staying Saturday night and leaving on Sunday (or not - take the opportunity to have a mini getaway!)

More details, including tips on hotels, will be released to Mastermind attendees in the next few weeks.