Postpartum Resources



With the right education on adjusted training strategy, movement patterns, symptoms to be mindful of (Diastasis Recti, incontinence, prolapse, etc), the freedom to modify and gradual progression, you can tackle this overwhelming and unfamiliar chapter in athleticism.

The 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Program was created with an intimate awareness of an athlete's mindset, healing body, and eagerness to return to the gym.

This digital program was designed in a way that helps set the foundation (weeks 1 & 2), reintegrates (week 3 & 4), builds to consistency (weeks 5 &6) and leads to confidence (7 & 8).

A detailed downloadable PDF guide with complete programming

Demonstration videos for all exercises, including tips for the best movement strategy

A teaching video that provides an essential overview of postpartum athleticism strategy

The Pregnant and Postpartum Athlete is an online, educational course that will guide you through all the considerations you need to be aware of so you can make informed decisions about your changed and changing body, training and overall mental approach to your athleticism during this chapter.

The Pregnant and Postpartum Athlete will help you know:

  • what to do and HOW to do it, beyond exercise modifications!
  • how to decide what your body is ready for (or not ready for!) and WHY
  • how to train with increased awareness and strategy for core and pelvic health considerations
  • how to adjust your mindset for longterm function, performance and overall health

PLUS, give you relatable guidance on YOUR choice of training style!