P&PA Coach Manifesto

P&PA Shield


My support is not for seeing how much can be deadlifted at 30 weeks. My support is given by guiding fully informed decisions about training, so an athlete can confidently make risk vs reward decisions.

My praise is not for the hard workout done on a due date. It’s for honoring changing energy levels throughout the entire pregnancy and postpartum, training when you can, resting when you should.

My effort is not to promote an invincible OR fearful mindset toward training and recovery. My effort is to guide an adjusted mindset with trust and patience during these unique chapters.

My praise is not about how flat a stomach is at 6 weeks postpartum. My praise is for acknowledgement and unconditional ownership of the transformative chapter that is motherhood, in ways that extend far beyond aesthetic changes.

My amazement is not at having an unmedicated birth, it’s for the bravery of having a baby, controlling what you can in the process and surrendering to the X factor that is birth with no fear, judgement or shame in choice or circumstance.

My message is not about glorifying the fittest of pregnancies and quickest postpartum returns. My message is to help care for changing and healing bodies, with how they function, heal and perform now and longterm.

My work is not about what fits my bias, or telling you what you want to hear. It’s about understanding evidence, yet applying holistically and creatively to meet an athlete as they are, where they are.

We have a different message, specific intention and all encompassing methodology about pregnancy and postpartum athleticism. It’s not just about cores and pelvic floors, fit pregnancies, promoting fit moms and giving movement modifications.
We help connect dots for the WHOLE woman through the considerations and perspective that extends far beyond this chapter.

There’s a reason we are trusted to guide the best athletes; the athletes who are pursuing motherhood and continued athleticism across a wide spectrum of ability and desire. We get them, because we empathize, seeing beyond where they can or know to at this moment in time. We are the quality control worth trusting.

We are the coaches for Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism.