Seminar Schedule


DES MOINES - Saturday, July 13 2019

We will cover:

  • Considerations & strategies for preganncy
  • Postpartum return to the gym/performance
  • Common symptoms (diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pain etc) and how to manage them during pregnancy and postpartum rehab/fitness
  • Coaching guidelines for when suddenly everyone at your gym is pregnant
  • Troubleshooting your individual questions and needs (do you have a diastasis? are you concerned that you pee when you do double unders? are you unsure of when to stop doing ____ or when you are ready to begin doing ____ again? Have you been told you can't exercise with prolapse or you didn't' even know prolapse is a "thing?")

We have you covered and want you to leave feeling confident and supported for wherever you are at.

This will be a lecture but also interactive and hands on. Wear workout clothes, bring snacks, water, and your baby is welcome to come with if needed.

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