150: The Story of Angela Lee Pucci, Six Time MMA World Champion and Founder of Fightstory

150 - The Story of Angela Lee Pucci, Six Time MMA World Champion and Founder of Fightstory - Practice Brave Brianna Battles

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Today, I am honored to have Angela Lee Pucci join me as she shares her story of becoming a world champion MMA fighter, a first-time mom, and ultimately creating her nonprofit organization, Fightstory. Angela has always been in the combat sports world and knew that it’s what she wanted to do from an early age. She pursued it and was successful as a six-time world champ. When she became a mom in 2021, she knew that she was not done yet and returned to fighting postpartum. She retired from fighting in September 2023 to pursue the creation of Fightstory, a nonprofit organization on a mission to inspire, heal, and unite the world through the stories of fighters from all walks of life.

A note about Fightstory from Angela:

Fightstory was created from a need for change. A need for purpose. A need for hope. We all have a story to tell. These stories are like chapters in a book of which is our life. The good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the struggles, the triumphs. It is all part of the journey and it all leads you to where you're destined to be. You are the author of your own book. You control the narrative. Keep writing, the best is yet to come. At FIGHTSTORY, our goal is to gather these stories into a collection. A library, in which all stories can be acknowledged, shared and celebrated. Your story matters. Your story could save a life. Our goal is to pass on the wisdom that we've gained from each experience that we've faced and conquered. Our struggle is our strength. Life is a Fight & We Are Fighters

Visit fightstory.org to learn more or follow the Instagram at @fightstoryofficial.

Find Angela on Instagram at @angelaleemma.


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