Episode 10: Considerations for Endurance Athletes during Pregnancy and Postpartum with Katie Makris

Considerations for Endurance Athletes during Pregnancy and Postpartum with Katie Makris

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There is no one better to talk to about the pregnancy and postpartum experience for endurance athletes than Katie Makris – mom, three-time Ironman triathlete, and founder of Pursuit Endurance!

On this episode of the Practice Brave Podcast, Katie and I talk a lot about athlete brain and what you should be considering when you train as a pregnant or postpartum endurance athlete. Katie shares her own journey as a pregnant athlete, what she is doing differently the second time around, and how she knows if she’s doing too much during training.

Whatever degree of endurance athlete you are, this episode will shed so much light on how to view your training during pregnancy and what to do after baby comes.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Athlete brain and what you should be considering when you train as a pregnant or postpartum endurance athlete,
  • Katie’s own journey as a pregnant athlete, and
  • What she uses to know if she is doing too much while pregnant


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Katie is a Native Washingtonian originally from Burke, VA. She is a mother to two year old, Elias, a three-time Ironman triathlete, 12-time marathoner, and avid cyclist who enjoys clipping into all sorts of adventures on the road, on gravel, on a cyclocross course, and often, indoors where she teaches at Off Road in Washington, DC.

When she became pregnant in 2017, she noticed that there were very few resources available to women who wanted to continue to race and train safely through their pregnancies. Katie researched, partnered with doctors, physical therapists, and read a ton while pregnant and successfully trained and raced through her entire pregnancy until Elias was born in November of 2017. After going through pregnancy and childbirth she spent part of the fourth trimester getting certified in Perinatal fitness. Katie is determined to help more women gain access to resources to continue the activities they love, make conscious adaptations, and navigate the ever changing gray area of pregnancy and postpartum fitness while keeping a safe, healthy environment for themselves and their babies.

When she’s not teaching mothers about cycling & pregnancy and postpartum fitness, she is running her full time business as a fundraising and event operations professional with t1 Strategies, LLC. Katie lives in the Michigan Park neighborhood of Washington, DC with her husband, son, 9 year old Pittie, Ezra and 13 year old tuxedo cat, Jameson. She’s a member of her local triathlon team District Multisport, and a die hard Michigan State Spartan! She is also a proud RADrabbit: an ambassador for rabbit, a running apparel brand made in the USA and owned by two mothers.



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