pasted-file-1When I was pregnant, I was praised for being healthy and fit. I was continually told how easily I would “bounce back” because of my training. I was told (and believed) that listening to my body was enough during this phase of life. The message of “keep doing what you’ve always done” played in my head daily.

No one EVER mentioned Diastasis Recti, or pelvic floor health to me. Not a single coach, doctor, woman, or practitioner. And despite being in the fitness industry, I didn’t know either. Again, I believed that I was fine because everything felt fine. That’s just not good enough information.

THIS is why I haven’t stopped talking about this issue¬†for almost 3 years now. No one was talking about this side of fitness.

This mindset carried over into postpartum

“You’re cleared! Just ease back in to normal activity…”

so I did.

Pregnancy and postpartum require specific training and rehabilitative protocols. Don’t let any coach or practitioner give you the easy answers.

What you’ve always done is NOT necessarily what’s best for optimal function, strength and recovery.

Even the fittest, strongest women need a game plan. Incontinence and a weak core should not be an accepted norm…whether it’s during pregnancy, immediately postpartum or years postpartum.

What you DO and what you DON’T do during these chapters have lasting effects.

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